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Icon of The Savior.
Circa 1800.

12.5 by 10.5 in (31.5 by 27 cm).
Tempera, oil on wood.
Two insets (shponkas) on top and bottom of back.

A worm and slightly mysterious image of Christ the Savior. Old graffiti all over the back side.

Still, nice and scarce.

Bronze triptych of Diesis.
Circa 1800.

5 ¼ by 14 ¼ in (13.5 by 36 cm).
Ornamental and flowered background enameled in white and two shades of blue enamel.

The Mother of God is on a Christ right in an attitude of prayer. The central panel shows view of Christ giving a blessing and holding a Gospel. The right displays John the Baptist, turned towards an image of the infant Christ inside a cup. His left hand holds a scroll which begins: “This is the Lamb of God”. Reverse displays an eight sided cross, spear, reed and sponge in front of the walls of Jerusalem.

Dark green velvet is cover the back of the icon.

Nice patina, as Icon appears as never been cleaned. Detailed images of Saints.

Bronze Icon of Tichvine Mother of God.
Circa 1800.

Bronze. Floral border in blue enamel.
The prototype of this icon said to have appeared miraculously at Tichvin in 1383, were Church was built upon the spot. The Christ Child is shown with His Body turned towards His Mother, His right hand raised in benediction.

A premium condition. Sharp quality cast and problems free.