Documented personal group of HERO of the Rail-Roads Erkin M.I.

Comrade Erkin served as the switchman on Turkestan-Siberian Rail-Road.
Group includes:
  • Excellent Railway Traffic Controller, with 1952 document.
  • Excellent worker of Stalin's labor campaign, with 1953 hard-cover document.
  • Very rare type Citation for the Order of Lenin, dated 1953 (year of Stalin's death!)
  • Original photo of comrade Erkin, wearing his awards and badges, signed on reverse.
Excellent condition on all items, rare rail-road veteran group!

RKKA "For the Excellent Marksmanship" Badge.
1930's. Silver and multi-color enamels, pinback suspension on chain.
Raised "Mon Dvor" mintmark on reverse.
Excellent vintage condition with only a minor chip at 3 o'clock.
Rare such!

Outstanding Mine Layer Badge.
Brass and hot-baked multi-color enamels.
Excellent condition, all original. Very nice quality.

2  3 
Light "Leghkoy" Industry shock-worker badge with Document - 1947.
Issued to comrade Dem'yanenko I.D. on April 28, 1947.
Comes with inside card and embedded color image of the badge.
Also, comes in the original case of issue!
Excellent condition on all items.
Rare in such completion!

Badge for Participant of the Congress of the Communist Party - 1987.
Gold-plated brass, multi-piece riveted construction with hot-baked red enamel.
Excellent condition.
Scarce, as one of the latest official "Communistic" productions!

Badge for East German Maneuvers - 1970.
Issued on the event of 15th Anniversary of the Warsaw Pact (1955-1970)
Alluminum, multi-color. Pinback.
Excellent condition.
Very Scarce!